Open Manifesto #6 Ebook

Open Manifesto #6 Ebook

Among others, investigative journalist and author Tom Zoellner explores the role of the myth in society, focussing on how DeBeers’ advertising and marketing infiltrated Japanese culture and seduced the world with diamonds. The legendary George Lois talks about his politics, discusses his unique relationship with Esquire editor Harold Hayes, reveals how Paul Rand influenced Bill Bernbach and debunks the Mad Men TV series. Dean Poole shares his experiences transitioning from artist to internationally acclaimed designer, discusses the business of design and the influence design has on culture. Warren Berger presents an in-depth exploration of the power of Design Thinking, while Helen Walters questions the potency of the Design Thinking trend. Allan Savory dissects the myths around fossil fuels and climate change, arguing that agriculture has just as much impact on the environment—if not more, ridicules the notion of sustainable projects, shares his views on vertical farming and offers a solution that could possibly save the planet.



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