A passion to build a community of like-minded design enthusiasts.

DESIGNerd was founded on behalf of design enthusiasts the world over by internationally recognised designer and publisher, Kevin Finn.

Finn is a self-confessed design nerd, deeply passionate about all forms of design. What started as a humble trivia game has since developed into an ambitious dream to build a community of like-minded design enthusiasts.

Through online content, events and apps, DESIGNerd seeks to explore design in a comprehensive, yet fun and engaging way. We want to celebrate design. But it’s not enough for enthusiasts to only be inspired by those who have earned success, thrusting them into the limelight. We also want to encourage and harness aspiration. By providing tools and practical knowledge, DESIGNerd seeks to actively help emerging and established designers achieve their objectives and progress their passions.

DESIGNerd also seeks to engage the business community, those courageous leaders who have embraced design thinking; those who understand and appreciate the value of design in commercial terms.

DESIGNerd is for all types design enthusiasts, not just practicing designers or students of design. It is for anyone with an interest in, and an appreciation of, design—for how it helps shape our world. Our community is wide and inclusive.

Sincere thanks for sharing in the adventure, so far.